Letter from President

    President Yota Sakai

    TAIYO KOGYO CO., LTD. was established in 1947, and has longest history among the PCB industry.
    Our company always pursued latest technical innovation in our long history, and we accommodated customers demand and created progress of industry with the state-of-the-art technology.
    Especially we have a lot of experiences and accumulation of technology in High Current handling Printed Circuit Board and Heat Dissipation PCB which we started development since 1992.
    Recently, our company draws much attention from electronics industry as a unique maker of High Current handling PCB and High Heat Radiation PCB.
    High Heat Radiation PCB is useful for necessary heat countermeasures required from increased use of miniature parts and high performance parts in various electronics devices. High Current handling Printed Circuit Board is useful for realization of energy saving Automobile and smart grid system. Therefore, our unique PCB has important roles in the latest electronics industry.
    Our company made a business of advanced PCB manufacturing which responded to these new market quickly, and accommodated social demand.
    Now we are considering about expanding our business aggressively to overseas market for automobile and energy industry in addition to domestic market.
    We believe that we could assist in your company's growth by using our High Current handling Printed Circuit Board and High Heat Radiation PCB.

      Yota Sakai

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