High Current Handling PCB,Ultra Thick Copper Foil,High Efficient Heat Dissipation


     Ultra Thick Copper     Hybrid Power    Copper Inlay
     Bus Bar Embedded   


    As a total solution company

    1) Printed Circuit Company handle with development, designing, manufacturing and sales of printed circuit board such as Thick Copper and Heat Dissipation PCB and High Current PCB for high current handling.

    2) FS (Factory Solution) Company handle with various phases in production outsourcing not only sheet metal machining, painting, and assembly, but also design, material procurement, wiring assembling and inspection. We offer total solution for manufacturing including our proposals and co-development with customers.

     FS Company also has following departments:
    Electronic Equipment & Parts Sales Department is sales agent of high performance current sensor, "Picsor"
    ESCO Department (ESCO Dept.) is selling demand controller, "NaCoa". "NaCoa" can reduce electricity charges efficiently.

    TAIYO KOGYO makes much of basic philosophy why we manufacture products.
    Strive for excellency and contribution to our society through our products.

Products & Service

    ESCO Department
  • Demand Controller NaCoa

  •   can save electricity cost
      contribute to environment preservation

    Electronic Equipment & Parts Sales Department
  • Examples of Picsor application
  • development/design
  • assembly/wiring

  • Printed Circuit Company
  • High Current PCB
  • Heat Dissipation PCB

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