Design Team-We can meet your demand from pattern design.

    Taiyo Kogyo's Design Team can meet all of your demands, from what parts should be used, what current handling capacity is needed, to parts mounting process, with our unique technology, utilizing our abundant knowledge and experiences. We can also realize short delivery lead time and low cost.

    SI Simulation  EMC Simulation
    High Current     Thick Copper
    Proposal of layer structure considering impedance control

    Countermeasure for heat generating device
    heat dissipation countermeasures current capacity
    Mounting problem of Thick Copper PCB (Various Proposals , countermeasures for good soldering)

    Available copper foil thickness
    18 / 35 / 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 / 240 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 1000µ

    We have measured data for the relationship between pattern width (of conductor cross section) of various copper foils and current handling capacity and conductor temperature rise.

    Measurement Data Details
    Pattern width of various copper foil thickness:0.3-60.0o
    Temperature rise:Δt=10°:C-100°C
    Allowable current per 1 hole of Through Hole:φ0.3-5.5

    Caution!! Even if you use 10 Through Holes of 1A handling per hole, you can't handle 10A current.
    We have data for required number of Through Holes to handle necessary current value.

    SI / EMI Simulation

    Reducing frequency of trial test run at the time of development
    developing time   Shortening       cost   Reducing

    •Instant operation, Reducing frequency of trial test run (It is feasible to shorten development time drastically)
    •Reduction of development cost (Reducing process number of Design, PCB, Initial, Mounting, and Evaluation)

    Conventional artwork design can not predict PCB's performance before being produced.
    Quality of Signal Waveform? Stabilization of Power Plane? Reflection of Noise?
    Quality of Signal Waveform(Overshoot, Undershoot or Ringing)?

    Out of specification limit     Cannot clear VCCI     Do you have any problem about cost and delivery lead time because of repeated trial test run and evaluation?

    •SI Simulation

        Reflection / Overshoot / Undershoot / Transmission Delay Analysis / Crosstalk / 
      Timing / Analysis of noise from adjacent signal and noise to adjacent signal/
      Simultaneous Switching / Impedance Control etc…

    •EMI Simulation

        Circuit length check / Number of via check / filter check / Board edge check / 
      Radiation electric field / GV plane crossover check / Return path discontinuous
      check / Plane circumference check / SG pattern check / Differential signal check /
      SG pattern via space check / Decoupling capacitor check etc…

    High Current/Thick Copper PCB is adopted in environmentally friendly system

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