Ultra Thick Copper PCB (300-500µm)

    In order to meet increasing demand for high power/high current handling in PCB design, Taiyo Kogyo has developed and is producing "Ultra Thick Copper" using thick copper of 300µm, 400µm and 500µm, utilizing our accumulated technology and know-how for high power handling PCB. Our Ultra Thick Copper PCB is mass-produced.

Ultra Thick Copper PCB

Advantages of Ultra Thick Copper PCB

  • Our Ultra Thick Copper PCB has most efficient heat dissipation compared with conventional thick copper PCB.
  • We can reduce number of connecting wires and manual assembling process as well as reducing process of other parts and their management cost by replacing conventional cable wiring design with one piece of PCB.
Graph          Cross Section


    Number of layers		:2-4 layers
    			   (6 layers available for copper thickness of 300µm.)
    Board Thickness		:1.3-3.5mm
    Copper Foil Thickness	:external layer) 300/400/500µm
    		 	 Internal layer)18/35/70/105/140/175/210/240/300/400/500µm
    Others			:UL listing is completed. →Click here for UL certification.


  • Industrial Robot
  • Car Electronics
  • Inverter
  • Motor (Power generator)
  • Others

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