Do you have any products using a lot of cables ?
    Taiyo Kogyo's Thick Copper and High Current handling PCB can replace conventional circuit design for heat countermeasure having multiple parts assembly boards or units. If you have data such as connection diagram and parts list, we can offer to replace your existing parts assy by our flat and clean Thick Copper and High Current handling PCB.


Advantages of Before→After

  • Reducing total cost
  • Improving products performance
  • Improving products reliability
  • Realization of saving space

Results of Cost Down

Parts cost

Wire, Bus bar,
Contact, Terminal,
Screw, Washer,
Nut, etc…
5-40% Reduction

Number of mounting process

Pre-stage Machining,
Clamp, Calking, Wiring,
Fastening Screw,
Confirm, etc…
20-30% Reduction

Management man power

Place an order,
Arrival, Delivery,
Specification Creation,
Operating Manual,
Incoming Inspection,
Subcontract Management,
2-5% Reduction

Before→After Proposal Flow

STEP 1      Please prepare your data of current equipment.
                *Circuit diagram, Parts list, etc…

STEP 2      We will select replacement parts to be used on PCB from
                currently used parts.

STEP 3      We will judge which portion we replace current circuit assy by
                PCB based on study results of parts currently used.

STEP 4      We will make a circuit diagram where we can make by PCB, and
                create PCB’s specifications.

STEP 5      Please check our PCB’s specifications. When PCB’s specifications
                are approved, we will proceed to following process.
                Pattern designing⇒PCB Manufacturing⇒Assembly⇒Completion

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